Yamato is the one who will fight Katrina Devon as a member of the Straw Hat


Devon was the most dangerous pirate imprisoned at Impel Down during the entire age of pirates. It’s called the “Crescent Moon Hunter” which I found very interesting.

We know that the Kozuki clan is closely related to the crescent moon. We also know that the Wano Samurai have made their way abroad, and they are the least known in the outside world.

Oden was a Wano Samurai who became a pirate, and the village of Zoro was founded by Wano Samurai. This leads me to believe that when Kaido killed Oden, unknown members of the Kozuki clan came out looking for help to deal with Kaido. Most of those who ended up died, and in particular, the women of the seas, famous for being murdered by Devon.

I don’t know why I did this. She seems to be elated by killing a beautiful woman. She is obsessed with collecting the heads of beautiful women and was once the worst criminal of the golden age of piracy.

We know that Devon identifies as a woman, but she hates women, has a character design made to look unattractive, and has eaten Inu Inu no Mi, Form: Kyubi no Kitsune, a legendary Zoan-type devil fruit that allows her to transform into a nine-tailed fox.

Yamato is known as Oden and he is a man, he has a character design that looks attractive, he has eaten tee inu inu no mi, archetype: okushi no makami, a legendary Xuan-type demon fruit that allows it to transform into a divine wolf, as well as a human-divine-wolf hybrid. She will also likely have an arc where she ends up being fully acquainted as a woman again.

Now let’s talk about their demon the fruit, As we know they are The first two users of the legendary zoan devil fruit.

Amaterasu (an attack named in both One Piece and Naruto) is a sun goddess in Japanese mythology. However, there is a video game called Okami (famous in Japan) where Amaterasu is a white wolf-like Yamato. In this game, Okami is the protagonist and is believed to be familiar to Orochi (The The name sounds familiar)

Now I will not go into details with this game, but there is a tribe called the Moon tribe, and we know in One Piece that 5 of the 6 known samurai clans are associated with the Moon.

In this game Okami has a character called Ninetails, a large and powerful nine-tailed group who rules the island of Oni (Yamato Race) and is one of the main antagonists in the series. This leads me to believe that wherever the other members of the Yamato race are, the Blackbeard Pirates are going to cause some chaos there.

Nine-tailed foxes were originally evil but later turned into divine beasts and good luck signs in China before legends spread among other Asian countries (India, China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan) and had evil characteristics, most notably turning into Pretty woman Concern states were added.

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