yes, “Amnesia” has also disappeared from the physical versions


New vinyl editions of Low battery appear: they will not contain “Amnesia” officially excluded from the project, even in physics.

The specialized site Vinyl Collector recently teased two upcoming new versions ofIpseity and Low battery in colored vinyl. That ofIpseity is golden, with a kind of crumpled effect and that of Low battery is pink, taking up the typography present on the cover of the project. On social networks, these two new editions have obviously intrigued Internet users, and some have once again asked themselves the fateful question: will “Amnesia” be included in these new physical versions?

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Damso: “It was the only time I lacked perspective”

Although the tracklist is not available on the site of Vinyl Collector, “Amnesia” should not be in the game. Also, the song doesn’t even exist in the project anymore. It’s as if, in the end, it had never even been published within it. On currently available versions of Low battery, the place theoretically awarded to “Amnesia”, track 7, has evaporated, and it is “Graine de hourglass” which inherited it. In other words, the album was shortened by one track, and went from twelve to eleven songs.

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This is also the case on streaming platforms: where songs with rights problems are sometimes grayed out on the opuses, “Amnesia” is also eclipsed. It would be, more than the problem of the sample, a decision of Damso. After I released it, I was not well, I did a whole tour without ever singing this song. I was not in agreement with myself”, he confided to World in 2021. And to add: “It was the only time I missed perspective. Eventually, this song was taken down from the platforms.”

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So, unfortunately for fans, this colorful new edition of Low battery will not escape the rule: “Amnesia” will not be there. And this is the case for all the physical editions of Damso, except, as some Internet users point out, the very first versions of Low battery on CDs which have become extremely rare. Also, discover the full story of “Amnesia”, Damso’s cursed track.

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