Zoro’s three swords at the end of Wano!


Oda made a special cover celebrating the arrival of One Piece Chapter 1000.

As you can see below, Zoro has three swords:

The swords that Oda drew there:

Wado Ichimonji



Is this an omen from Oda that Zoro will leave Wano with Inma, Wado, Ichimonji, and Shusui? The acquisition of Zoro Shusui means that the native Wano recognized Zoro as the second Ryuma and especially Gyukimaru who has always denied the possibility of returning the sword to him.

In chapter 1023, Hyogoro and Komatsu confirm the similarities between Zoro and members of the Shimotsuki family: Oshimaru and Ryoma. This cannot be a coincidence.

* theory venaker

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